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Fast and excellent service! Technician came to our home and was very friendly.

- Heather


Had both windshield and rear back windows done on my Scion XB and the technicians did an AWESOME job!

- Jocelyn


Today I contacted Aardvark and got a quote that was $100 less than Safelite...able to replace my windshield the same day!

- Perry


These guys are awesome, very professional and did a great job...would definitely have any other work done through them...

- Ashton


...very professional...friendly...completed the job at a very fair price and in a very timely manner. Highly recommend...

- Anonymous

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About Our Gilbert Window Regulator Repair Services

Have a Broken Car Window? Call the pros… We’ll Come to You Valley-wide!

Window regulators are an important function of just about every car and truck, as they allow the vehicle’s windows to go up and down. Without your window regulators working correctly, passengers cannot easily enjoy fresh air, ask for directions, speak to a passerby, or even order drive-through food! Although the large majority of window regulators will work just fine for many years after the vehicle drives off the assembly line, breaks due to weather and constant usage do occur.

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Not all automotive glass is made the same; however, at Aardvark Auto Glass we choose to use OEM glass, which offers the safest, best quality material for your vehicle.

Common Types of Window Regulators

There are numerous types of window regulators; however, most cars on the road today use one of the following types for rolling windows up and down.

Car Window Manual Regulator

Manual Window Regulators

Manual regulators are the most basic type of control mechanism for “roll-up and -down” windows. This type of door window has a handle that the driver or a passenger uses to regulate the up and…
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…down movement of the door’s glass pane – opening and closing the window. While some modern cars still offer handle-powered door windows, most new vehicles have electric-powered windows.
Power Window Regulators

Power Window Regulators

Once just a component of high-end luxury cars, nowadays just about every new car offers power-assisted windows. This type of window regulator uses an electrical switch to move the door’s glass up and…
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…down. With this type of regulator, issues can arise when a switch becomes faulty, the motor has burned out, or the window regulator system has failed. Cars with power windows often have either a scissor-type regulator or a cable-type regulator.

Scissor-Type Window Regulators

Scissor-Type Window Regulators

Just as the name suggests, this type of car door window regulator operates in a scissor-like fashion. This is one of the very first window regulator designs and is still a popular option for many…
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…new car manufacturers. Though this window regulator design functions well, it is still capable of failing, with wear and tear often taking a toll of the wheels of the device. When the wheels start to go, you will notice the glass begin to tilt, slippage, and not properly fitting in the fully rolled-up position.

Cable-Type Window Regulators

Cable-Type Window Regulators

Unlike the scissor design, the cable-type window regulator functions by using a cable and pulley system. This type of regulator is the choice of most high-end vehicle manufacturers due to it…
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…weighing less and taking up less space, which allows for more room to fit airbags and other safety features. However, just like the scissor-type regulator, failures do occur and often it is one or more of the pulleys that gives way.

Car Door Window Regulator Advice

Like most mechanical systems found in your vehicle, there are certain measures that can be taken to prolong the need for repair.


Oil / Lubricate Window Tracks

Just like it’s important to keep the moving parts of your regulator lubricated, it’s equally important to maintain the tracks that the glass slides along. Smooth operating tracks will keep your…
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…window working right, while damaged or debris-filled tracks will lead to failure.


Oil / Lubricate Moving Parts

Occasional lubrication of the moving parts of your window regulator’s mechanical system will ensure they continue to work perfectly for longer. A spray grease is an easy way to target the right…
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…parts that need lubricating.


Maintain Window Sweeps

Window sweeps, or window felt strips, should be kept in good condition to prevent debris and moisture from seeping into the inner door – where the window regulator is. Over time, the sun can be one of the…
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…biggest contributors to a dried-out, breaking sweep.


Do NOT Force the Window

One of the worst things a car or truck owner can do is to force their door window up or down. This will undoubtedly make matters worse, perhaps even adding to the repair bill. So regardless of how…
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…frustrated you get with your stuck window, leave it to the pros!

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