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Fast and excellent service! Technician came to our home and was very friendly.

- Heather


Had both windshield and rear back windows done on my Scion XB and the technicians did an AWESOME job!

- Jocelyn


Today I contacted Aardvark and got a quote that was $100 less than Safelite...able to replace my windshield the same day!

- Perry


These guys are awesome, very professional and did a great job...would definitely have any other work done through them...

- Ashton


...very professional...friendly...completed the job at a very fair price and in a very timely manner. Highly recommend...

- Anonymous

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About Our Gilbert Automotive Window Repair Services

Have a Broken Car Window? Call the pros… We’ll Come to You Valley-wide!

If you’d like to have the window of your car or truck repaired, rather than replaced, please contact us for a complimentary mobile service quote. We accept major forms of payment; plus we offer up to $150 cash back with insurance billed / replaced glass. Continue reading to learn more about our windshield repair service.

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Get Your Car Window Fixed Quickly!

Not all automotive glass is made the same; however, at Aardvark Auto Glass we choose to use OEM glass, which offers the safest, best quality material for your vehicle.

Auto Glass Repair or Replacement?

When the windshield or any pane of glass on your car gets chipped or cracked, the most obvious solution is to completely replace the glass. The trouble is that automotive glass replacement takes longer and often costs more. So have you considered having the glass repaired instead of replaced? Below are some reasons why you should opt for repair.

Unfortunately, not all windows on your car or truck can be repaired; however, for the ones that can be fixed, there are a number of benefits. Please continue reading to learn more.

Advantages of Aardvark Auto Glass Repair

Unfortunately, not all windows on your car or truck can be repaired; however, for the ones that can be fixed, there are a number of benefits. Please continue reading to learn more.

Cheap Vehicle Window Repairs


The cost of replacing any piece of glass, especially the windshield, could be substantially more than a repair. For example, you could be looking at $400 to $1,000 for a replacement, depending on…
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…the model of the vehicle. In contrast, even a 12-inch crack can be repaired for less than $100 in most cases and it is even cheaper for smaller cracks.
Fast Vehicle Window Repairs


Instead of potentially being forced to wait for a day or two for a full replacement, you could have your glass repaired in as little as an hour. Aardvark Auto Glass will certainly try to fix your glass on…
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…the same day you contact us.

Strong Vehicle Window Repairs


Having a crack or chip in your windshield means the structural integrity of the glass has been compromised. In many instances, having these seemingly innocuous problems could be a symptom of…
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…a larger issue. When you get your glass repaired by an expert, the technician can perform an analysis and ensure your car’s glass does not have any long-term problems.

Safe Vehicle Window Repairs


Due to the advanced techniques used in today’s auto glass industry, you can rely on your repair work to remain strong for years to come. If you do nothing and allow the cracks to spread, the glass will get…
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…weaker and ultimately become dangerous. At this point, even a minor bump could be enough to cause the glass to completely break.

Disadvantage of Auto Glass Repair

At Aardvark Auto Glass we do our best to repair any windows that can be repaired. Unfortunately, repairing the window, rather than replacing the glass, is not always an option.

Automotive Glass Repair Not Possible

Repair Not Always an Option

Auto glass repair may not be possible for all windshields. For example, chips that appear directly in a driver’s line of vision may not be possible, as the process can leave minor distortions in the…
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…glass and potentially compromise the vision of the driver.

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