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Fast and excellent service! Technician came to our home and was very friendly.

- Heather


Had both windshield and rear back windows done on my Scion XB and the technicians did an AWESOME job!

- Jocelyn


Today I contacted Aardvark and got a quote that was $100 less than Safelite...able to replace my windshield the same day!

- Perry


These guys are awesome, very professional and did a great job...would definitely have any other work done through them...

- Ashton


...very professional...friendly...completed the job at a very fair price and in a very timely manner. Highly recommend...

- Anonymous

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About Our Gilbert, AZ Automotive Window Replacement Services

Have a Broken Car Window? Call the pros… We’ll Come to You Valley-wide!

If the window on your car or truck is damaged beyond repair, please give us a call today for a complimentary service quote. We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards; plus we offer up to $150 cash back with insurance billed / replaced glass. Continue reading to learn more about our windshield replacement service in the East Valley and beyond.

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Get Your Car Window Fixed Quickly!

Not all automotive glass is made the same; however, at Aardvark Auto Glass we choose to use OEM glass, which offers the safest, best quality material for your vehicle.

Types of Auto Glass We Replace

Continue reading to see the different types of auto glass currently on the market.

OEM Auto Glass

OEM Glass

This stands for Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) and is the glass we use at Aardvark Auto Glass. This glass is almost identical to glass received at a car dealership in regards to durability, safety, and…
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…quality; however, it will not come from the same distributor. And though it is less expensive than dealership glass, it is more or less the same in terms of color, shape, size, clarity, and thickness.
Dealer Auto Glass

Dealer Glass

This is the glass provided directly from an auto dealership that is authorized by your vehicle’s manufacturer. It will have the vehicle manufacturer’s logo stamped on it, which completes the look of authenticity…
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…Something that is so important to some motorists, they’re willing to pay extra for this type of glass.
OOE Aftermarket Glass

OEE Aftermarket Glass

This is made by companies with no ties or contracts with car manufacturers, and these organizations don’t have the legal right to create glass that is identical to that of the manufacturer. It is also known as…
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…Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) glass and is far cheaper than the other two options. However, it does not carry the same guarantees either.

New Window Placements

At Aardvark Auto Glass we replace all car and truck windows with OEM quality glass. The areas of a vehicle we service include the following window types:

Automotive Glass - Windshield

Windshield (AKA Windscreen or Front Window)

This is one of the most important auto glass replacement jobs and although it only takes approximately two hours to complete the process, in most cases you will need to schedule an appointment at least…
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…a day in advance to have your window fixed.
Automotive Glass - Side Window

Side Window (AKA Quarter Glass or Vent Window)

As toughened glass is used in the side windows of your car, repairing the auto glass is not possible and replacement is the only course of action. A vehicle window repairman will begin by clearing away the…
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…broken glass (side windows are designed to fracture in small pieces upon impact) before using specialized equipment to install the new glass.

Automotive Glass - Rear Window

Rear Window (AKA Back Window)

Again, repair of rear window glass is not an option, as it is designed to break into pieces upon impact, plus the heater elements used in most vehicles make repairs impossible. Before using the…
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…correct tools, a repairer must remove the seals and glue that held the rear window in place while also getting rid of the broken glass.

Automotive Glass - Sunroof

Sunroof (AKA Moonroof)

While you can attempt to repair a damaged sunroof, it is usually better just to replace it, because a poor repair job could cause untold problems. Imagine if rain was allowed to flood into your car or…
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…if a cracked sunroof made it easy for a thief to penetrate, and your car was stolen. A professional repairman can replace your sunroof glass in a matter of minutes for a surprisingly low cost.

Automotive Glass - Doors

Door Window (AKA Retractable Window)

Car door windows must be replaced if cracked or shattered due to the constant opening and closing of doors; plus to allow the window to function again by rolling up and down. Furthermore, not replacing…
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…this window can make your vehicle more vulnerable to theft.

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